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Ramnad info is a path way to the visitors which provides information about in and around Ramanathapuram. The aim of this Website is to help the visitors of this site by providing the complete information about the tourist places, schools, Colleges, Training centers, hospitals, restaurants, textile shops, etc.

This is the picture of Pamban Bridge.It is one of the tourist attraction in Ramnad.
Pamban Bridge

About Ramnad

Ramanathapuram District, also known as Ramnad District, is one of the 38 sections executive sections of Tamil Nadu state in southern India. The old Ramanathapuram District consists of Present day Virudhunagar and Sivagangai sections, it touches the Western Ghats and framed with the state of Kerala and east by the Bay of Bengal. It was the largest quarter at that time. The city of Ramanathapuram is the quarter headquarters. Ramanthapuram District has an area of,123 km2. It’s bounded on the north by Sivaganga District, on the northeast by Pudukkottai District, on the east by the Palk Strait, on the south by the Gulf of Mannar, on the west by Thoothukudi District, and on the northwest by Virudhunagar District. Fisheries, horticulture and husbandry are the contributors for the frugality of the quarter. Fishing townlets dot the bank. The quarter contains the Pamban Bridge, an east- west chain of low islets and shallow reefs that extend between India and the islet nation of Sri Lanka, and separate the Palk Strait from the Gulf of Mannar. The Palk Strait is passable only by shallow- draft vessels. As of 2011, Ramanathapuram quarter had a population of with a coitus- rate of 983 ladies for every,000 males. The quarter is home to the passage center of Rameswaram.

Ramnad Palace

Ramnad Palace, popularly known as Ramalinga Vilasam which was erected in the 17th century portrays the  once glory of King Sethupathi. This palace is a heritage structure which is under the control of State Archaeological Department and is best known for its tempera oils with natural colorings picturing the literal days of King Sethupathi. The palace also holds complex munitions which were used by King Sethupathi on colorful wars. The luxuriant complex includes their private royal apartments, numerous structures, tabernacle and durbar hall which is moment a gallery.

This is the picture of Ramnad Palace.It is a heritage building in Tamil Nadu, has been brought back to its past glory by the Tamil Nadu State Archaeological Department by restoration of the murals depicting the historical days of the reign of King Sethupathi.
Ramnad Palace


Ramanathaswamy temple was expanded during the 12th century by Pandya Dynasty, and the primary shrine’s sanctum was renovated by Jeyaveera Cinkaiariyan and his successor Gunaveera Cinkaiariyan of the Jaffna kingdom. The temple is considered a holy pilgrimage site by the Shaivites, Vaishnavites and Smarthas.

According to the great Hindu epic Ramayana, Rama wished to worship Lord Shiva, to absolve him of his sin of killing a Brahmin, during his war against the demon King Raavana in Sri Lanka. He ordered Hanuman, his ardent devotee to bring a Shiva Lingam from the Himalayas. Since Hanuman delayed in bringing the Lingam, Devi Sita, consort of Lord Rama made a small Lingam out of sand and is believed to be the presiding deity of the temple.

There are two Lingams in this shrine – Ramalingam, the Lingam made out of sand by Sita and Vishwalingam – The one Hanuman brought from the Himalayas. It is believed that Rama instructed to worship Vishwalingam first, as it was brought by Hanuman and the custom is followed till date.

This is the picture of RAMANATHA SWAMY temple.
Ramanatha swamy temple, Rameshwaram.

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